Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an impressive device, but today we’re interested in exposing faults and finding fixes you can use.

Who knew that a hybrid device combining elements of a smartphone and a tablet would prove to be popular with consumers? The original Galaxy Note took the market by surprise and Samsung’s follow up device, the Galaxy Note 2 has raised the stakes by improving on its predecessor in every way. Early signs suggest it will be a hit, but there are always flaws lurking in new mobile tech.
Here we examine the most notable Galaxy Note 2 problems that owners are complaining about and we try to find solutions or handy workarounds.

Cracked or broken screen

Problem: There are quite a few user reports of the screen being scratched or cracked after accidental drops. The Galaxy Note 2 has a truly mammoth 5.5-inch display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which is generally tough stuff. The device has performed well in most of the drop tests we’ve seen, but they aren’t hugely scientific. The size could make the display more prone to cracking on impact, or it could be the fact that the Note 2 is a little more difficult to handle than a smaller device.
If you’re worried, then it’s probably a good idea to have phone insurance or invest Solution: If your screen does get cracked or broken, you should be careful about where you order a replacement. The safest option is to go through Samsung and send your Note 2 away for repair, but it is likely to be expensive. Alternatively you could go to a local repair shop, or order replacement glass and try to do it yourself. If you are going to order replacement parts then make sure the source is reputable.

Won’t connect, very slow, or disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Problem: Some users have reported issues trying to connect to Wi-Fi, extremely slow speeds when they do connect, and random disconnecting. Sometimes it appears as though the Wi-Fi is on, but there is no Internet access on the Note 2. This can be down to individual routers and settings, or it can be caused by settings on your Note 2. There are probably various issues here, but the same troubleshooting steps apply.
Solutions: A simple restart of the Wi-Fi works for some people. You can turn Wi-Fi on your Note 2 off and on again. You can also try rebooting the device and your router.
You might want to take a look in Settings > Wi-Fi hit the Menu button again and choose Advanced and then make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always. You can also see if the Wi-Fi Timer is on and check your IP address in here.
If you’re on AT&T then check the Smart Wi-Fi app because it can override your device’s settings.
Some people have reported success after a Factory reset, but it does mean reinstalling apps and setting up your device the way you want again.

Can’t turn Wi-Fi off

Problem: Have you been turning Wi-Fi off only for it to turn itself back on again? This is a common issue for Sprint customers and it’s because of the Connections Optimizer.
Solution: You can find the Connections Optimizer by hitting Menu > Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks and then disable it. You might find that the Connections Optimizer continues to turn itself back on again after you reboot the device.
Workaround: You can tell your Note 2 to forget Wi-Fi networks. If you go to Settings > Wi-Fi you can see available networks and forget them, but you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi until you add one again so it’s far from an ideal fix.

Phone won’t charge

Problem: You’re plugging your Note 2 in via the AC adapter or a USB PC port and you find that it isn’t charging.
Solution: Make sure the Micro USB port on your device is clean. You could try some compressed air to make sure there’s no dust in there blocking the connection. You could also reboot the device and try again. Some users are reporting that it works perfectly after a reboot, although that’s obviously not a good long term solution. If it’s not blocked and the problem keeps reoccurring after a reboot then contact Samsung.

Device takes too long to charge

Problem: Instead of charging in two or three hours as it should, some people have found that the Note 2 is taking much longer to charge.
Solution: Make sure you are using the correct 2A rated charger. The Samsung one that ships with the device is the most efficient in terms of speed. Try another 2A charger just in case the supplied charger is the culprit. If there’s no improvement you may have a faulty battery and it’s probably best to contact Samsung.

Sound while charging

Problem: A lot of people have complained about a buzzing or hissing sound while the Note 2 is charging. Apparently this is due to the charger and it’s normal. It is possibly more noticeable with the Note 2 because it is sucking down a lot of juice.
Solution: You could charge it via a USB PC port, but unless your PC is super quiet that won’t help and it will take much longer to charge. You could also try a different charger. A lower-rated charger will charge the device more slowly, but it should also make less noise.
Workaround: Charge it in a different room so the noise doesn’t bother you. It’s not ideal, but if typically charge at night and it’s keeping you awake then it might be the best idea.

Other Note 2 issues

That’s it for now, but if you’re experiencing any other problems with your Note 2 or you want to offer up some tips or solutions then please post a comment.

Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone 7.5-powered smartphone. The phone has 4G LTE support and was released in April, 2012. The Nokia Lumia 900 has a 4.3″ display and a ClearBlack AMOLED 800×480 capacitive touchscreen. It also features a one piece polycarbonate body and is available in black, cyan and white.


Key features 

Features differentiating Lumia 900 from Lumia 800 are the bigger 4.3" display, a substantially bigger capacity battery, fourth generation network (4G LTE) support, a front-facing second camera, enabling picture from a video call, the lack of included headset and the lack of included rubber bumper case.


The Lumia 900 device comes with four Nokia-exclusive applications not included by the default Windows Phone OS: Nokia Drive, a free turn-by-turn navigation system; Nokia Maps; Nokia Music, a free streaming music service and music store; and App Highlights, a service suggesting software based on location and operator. As of April 2012 it contains the following additional applications: Nokia Transport, a location-aware public transport schedule and navigation application; Creative Studio, a photo editing application; TuneIn Radio, a local and global radio streaming application; CNN, a news reader and video viewer for Cable News Network content; WRC Live, an application to follow live timing and media from the FIA WRC series.

Diagnostic Tool 

Just like the Lumia 800, the 900 has the diagnostic tool.
It can be obtained by pressing ##634# on the dial keypad, which should initiate the download after the last # is pressed. The diagnostic tool should appear on the app list under Diagnostics.
On this diagnostic tool a user can run tests on the following: Accelerometer, ALS, audio loopback, camera, battery status, DTMF, gyroscope, hardware buttons, headset detection, LCD white, lights, life timer, magnetometer, power source, proximity, speaker, touch and vibration. It's also possible to perform all the tests in one run.
Note: This app does not harm the phone, it's just a hidden app Nokia forgot to mention in the owner's guide. The app can be uninstalled if a user chooses to do so.

How to disassembly nokia N95

Here is picture how to disassembly nokia n95

Remove batteray, memory card, back cover.
Open the two screw ( as shown)

Also Open two screw ( as shown)

Open Remove front cover

Disconnect lcd connector

Remove / disassembly Lcd.

How to disassembly nokia E90

Here is picture how to disassembly nokia E90

Open the sticker (as shown), you will see the screw , open the screw.
After the screw open, you can remove the front cover.

After front cover removed, you can remove front LCD by disconnected lcd connector.

Disconnected this connector.

Open this screw

By removing the two screw, you can separate between PDA Display and casis/plate.

Now you can disassembly/remove PDA Display.

How to disassembly nokia E90

How to disassembly nokia E90
Here is picture how to disassembly nokia E90

Open the sticker (as shown), you will see the screw , open the screw.
After the screw open, you can remove the front cover.

After front cover removed, you can remove front LCD by disconnected lcd connector.

Disconnected this connector.

Open this screw

By removing the two screw, you can separate between PDA Display and casis/plate.

How to reset nokia 5800

How to reset nokia 5800
After installed software or theme, then your cellphone freezed, or your cellphone restart .
How to solved this problem ?

1. Turn off your cellphone, remove your memory card
2. If the problem solved, format your memory card
3. If the problem not solved, check power switch, replace switch if needed
4. If the problem not solved reset your nokia 5800 cellphone by pressing *#7370# (ask you to entry code, standart code =12345)
5. If the problem not solved, you need to upgrade your firmware or reflashing firmware
6. Upgrade firmware/flashing firmware need tool box (like Ufs3,Mt Box, etc)
7. If the problem not solved, check your Ram/flash/memory Ic, replace if needed
8. Replacing memory IC need rebuilt imei and tuning energy managemant / PM rewrite.

How to reset nokia lock code

Nokia Lock Code | How to reset nokia lock code
You can lock your nokia cellphone, standard code is 12345, you can change the lock code (security code).
Lock code protect your cellphone from wrong hand or to keep your data save from other person.

How to set Nokia lock code ?
You can enable your nokia cellphone to prompt you for the code every time your turn the cellphone on, or wake it from standby mode.
To set lock code: Menu, Tools, Setting:General,Security,Phone and simcard, select Lock code.
Entry the old code and input your new code, twice for verifying.

How to reset Nokia lock code?
You need old code to reset lock code, how if you do not remember the old code?
The thing you need to do is reflash your firmware, or set setting back to default (need repair tool box : like Jaf, or Ufs3), other ways go to nokia care center, or calculate your code online.

How to repair nokia n73 camera problem

How to repair nokia n73 camera problem

Here is tips how to repair nokia n73 camera failure
1. Check camera module, clean connector, replace camera if needed
2. If the problem not solved, turn on cellphone without memory card (format memory card if needed)
3. If the problem not solved, check camera ic, replace if needed
4. If the problem not solved, check camera circuit, make jumper (as shown)
5. This jumper not for all camera failure case.

The Nokia N73, not your ordainary phone

The Nokia 73 has been out for a couple of years now, but is not sold on the American markets.  I purchased this phone online because I had a Nokia 7610 for almost 4 years.  I had grown accustomed to the features of the 7610 and therefore the Iphone was not for me.  I love that I can connected both Nokia's to my laptop and download pictures, music or videos.  I also create my own ringtones, which saves loads of money and allows me to have distinctive ringtones.  With the Iphone you have to purchase additional ringtones which was not for me.  Also it doesn't receive multimedia text messages so this was also I soar not for me.  I do miss the chargeable face plates I was able to use with the 7610 and cannot with the N73.I really like to change because people think you have a new phone and you can match your outfits.  But the N73 does come with a 2 GB removable memory card which can hold a ton.  I currently have over an hour of music and 600 pictures on my phone with loads of move for more pictures.  Go Nokia.

Nokia N73 Unlocked Cell Phone Review

Nokia N73 Unlocked Cell Phone
The Nokia N73 unlocked cell phone provides users with choices of carrier options. When it was initially introduced the phone cost in the range of $600. Currently, the model sells in big box stores in the mid-$300 range. It has a Symbian OS which enables access to numerous applications. There is a memory slot, numerous call features and an excellent Carl Zeiss lens-3.2 megapixel digital camera. Bluetooth-tooth enabled, but not WiFi. Charger and data cable included.

The Nokia N73 not your ordainary phone - Nokia - N73 Music Edition Cell Phone - Viewpoints

Based much on the Nokia N70, one of the original Nokia Nseries devices, the N73 takes the bar shaped multimedia handset design a few steps further by adding in such features as a QVGA display and a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. While it lacks the WiFi support found on many of the newer Nseries handsets, the N73 does support 3G on the 2100MHz WCDMA/UMTS band and has all of the other class leading flourishes that the Nseries is known for - like the fabulous Nokia web browser.

Physical Aspects

Physically the N73 looks like a slightly slimmed down N70 that has been given a facelift on the back. The N70's large sliding lens cover has been replaced with a leaner, more compact unit on the N73 that helps keep the overall dimensions and weight down. The N73 measures up at 112mm x 49mm x 20mm (4.4" x 1.9" x .8") and weighs a very respectable 117g (4.1oz) with SIM card.

The front of the N73 is dominated by the large display, but we'll touch on that later. The keypad on the N73 is rather small, and one of the things I like least about the device. The combination of small keys and a position very, very close to the bottom of the phone make them rather hard for me to use. If you have small hands it might work out better for you, but then again, the N73 might also feel a bit top heavy for people with smaller hands. The keys themselves work very well, and the joystick and surrounding softkeys and call control keys are also very good. I don't really like the four chromed buttons that surround the keypad, though. Of the four, only the C key and the main S60 menu keys are really used very often. The C key's lower right hand corner placement makes it very hard for me to use, as a right handed person.

The remainder of the device is pretty well designed. The volume control has been moved to the right side of the device so that it is in the appropriate position for a zoom control when the N73 is being used in camera mode. Accordingly, there is a dedicated shutter button on the same side of the device. Next to the shutter button is a dedicate button for the photo viewer application, which is pretty handy. The active sliding panel that covers and turns on the camera and flash on the rear of the device is a bit odd, and we were a bit worried that it might get caught on things since it does not sit flush with the rest of the rear cover. We did not, however, have any actual problems with it. The last thing of note is the miniSD memory card slot that is located on the bottom of the device, next to the pop-port connector and the mini power socket. The card slot cover is very secure and unobtrusive. I didn't even realize that it was anything but a design element when I first received the device.

Overall I am generally pleased with the physical design of the N73. While I would prefer a better positioned and laid out keypad, I can understand the space restraints that Nokia had to work within considering the N73's massive display. The build quality seems very good, as you would expect, and the N73's finish is near perfect as well

NOKIA N72 and above help tips

NOKIA N72 and Above

There is Nothing Remaining Now

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A SMS once deleted can’t be read again….but sometimes we hurrily delete some important SMSHere is the technique that must be followed to retrieve deleted SMS.Required utility:
1) Any system explorer or file explorer program (eg. fileman or fexplorer.provided with the package)
Step 1) Open Fexplorer
Step2) Select drive C: or D: depending on the memory in which the Sms messages have been saved.
Step 3) For example u selected c: , Then open “system” folder.
step 4) Then in “system” folder open “mail” folder.
step 5) Then in this folder u will see different folders (eg 0010001_s) and certain files (eg 00100000). These files are the actual messages. Browse through every folder and open all files till u get the sms u are looking for.
Step 6) For opening the files don’t choose options>file>open as it will show format not supported rather choose options>file>hex/text viewer.By selecting the “Hex/ text viewer” u ll be able to open and read the deleted SMS message
Taken From the Symbian Service Center Confidential Manual
05/ dec / 2006

1 : Do u know how to use the edit button (abc or pencil button)?Heres how... in the inbox for example; u wanna delete multiple sms, simply hold the edit button, scroll down, and then, press c to delete the marked sms. The edit button can also b used to copy and past text in sms, simply hold it and scroll across, choose copy. pretty good for placing song names in ngages

Tip 2 : Shit happens, on a smartphone, its inevitable u do something wrong, and tis calls for a format of fone. to format the fone, press *#7370#, then enter the lock code, which is the sec code of the fone. NOTE: batt must b full, else if format is disrupted by low batt, consequences will b disatrous I heard the code *#7780# works too, pretty much the same i tink.for 6600 users, to format the fone, theres an alternative way. Press and hold <3>, <*> and Call (Send) buttons, then power on fone, keep holding on the 3 buttons, till u come to a format screen. this method ONLY works on 6600, and need not enter the sec code. BUT sec code would be reset to default 12345.

Tip 3 : TO NGAGE USERS; Did u know u can install .sis files simply using the cable given? Juz plug it in, place the .sis file anywhere on e: (the mmc), not in any folders, root of e:, disconnect, then look for it in manager.

Tip 4: Save on battery and system memory being used by regulary checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button!!

Tip 5: Type *#06# to display your IMEI serial number, very valuable for the unlocking your phone to other sim cards

Tip 6: Type *#0000# to view which firmware version you are running
Tip 4a: Set the screen saver to a short time out period to prolong battery life.Tip 4b: Avoid restarting the phone, or repeatedly turning it on and off. This helps increase battery life.

Tip 7: If you would like to avoid being "blue jacked", keep bluetooth turned off, or set your phone's visibility to hidden.

Tip 8: Don't want to carry a watch and a phone? Set the screen saver to show date and time, then you can ditch the watch.

Tip 9: Save memory when installing apps, by installing over bluetooth. This can be done using the nokia phone suite and a bluetooth serial connection. Only works with .SIS files, so java still has to be sent to the phone, but will save space when using .SIS files

Tip 10: Operator logosUse a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo". Add a .bmp picture to folder "oplogo" and restart your phone! The .bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels

Tip 11: Check if the recepients phone is onDelivery reports
Type *0# your message in the message composer window space then write your message, the recipient will not see the star zero hash bit - just the message When they read it it will relay a message back to your fone showing the time they recieved it. (haven't yet tried it myself though)

Tip 12: BlueJacking
First up, you need to know what Bluetooth is. There are lots of types of modern devices that incorporate Bluetooth as one of their many features. PDAs, mobile phones and laptops are a few of these modern devices. Bluetooth means that Bluetooth enabled devices can send things like phonebook/address book contacts, pictures & notes to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly over a range of about 10 metres. So, we've got past the boring part. Now, using a phone with Bluetooth, you can create a phonebook contact and write a message, eg. 'Hello, you've been bluejacked', in the 'Name' field. Then you can search for other phones with Bluetooth and send that phonebook contact to them. On their phone, a message will popup saying "'Hello, you've been bluejacked' has just been received by Bluetooth" or something along those lines. For most 'victims' they will have no idea as to how the message appeared on their phone.

Tip 13: While you are viewing a picture in your phone's gallery, press one of these shortcut keys (definitely works on 6600, not sure about other symbians)1 - turn image anticlockwise3 - turn image clockwise* - toggle on/off of full screen5 - zoom in0 - zoom out

Tip 14 : You can select all files in a folder by selecting THE folder and copy it then paste it somewhere. however u need to make a new directory. fexplorer wun let u copy that folder together. well seleQ can mark files to copy but it really takes time!

Tip 15 :: A soft and Hard resetA Soft-reset - the process of resetting all the settings of the phone to the factory default! No applications are deleted! A Hard-reset is like formatting a drive! It does format the memory. Everything that has been installed after the first use of the phone is deleted! It will recover the memory of the phone to the state you purchased it! It is done by inputing the following code: *#7370# NOTE: The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make the phone unusable.

Tip 16: Formats of images

supported ones: JPG UPF GIF87a/89a WBMB MBM TIFF/F PNG EXIF

How to copy & paste text in your Nokia 3650:Press and hold the pencil key and select your text using the scroll key.Left function key will change to 'Copy'. Press it to copy the selected text to clipboard.You can paste the clipboard contents the same way:press and hold the pencil key and press 'Paste'. Or, press pencil key once and select 'Paste'.
Press and hold the Menu key to open the application switching window, where you can *duh* switch between applications.If a program hangs and you can't shut it down, select the application in theapplication switching window and press 'C' to kill it. It's also a faster way to exit programs.

Turn on/off the "click" sound made by the camera by selecting the 'Silent' profile or by turning warning tones on/off:Menu > Profiles > "select your activated profile" > Personalise > Warning tones > On/Off.(This also effects the sound of Java games and apps).

To change background image go to:Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Background image > Yes > "choose an image".The best size for background images is 174x132 pixels.

Only got blue, green and purple in your 3650 colour palette?This free app adds 3 more colours: Palette Extender.

Display an image when someone's calling:Menu > Contacts > "select a contact card" > Options > Edit > Options > Add thumbnail > "choose an image".
Add a personal ringing tone to a contact:Menu > Contacts > "select a contact card" > Options > Open > Options > Ringing tone > "choose a ringing tone".
Delete all messages from your Inbox at once:Menu > Messaging > Inbox > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all > Options > Delete.
Send or hide your caller ID: Go to: Menu > Tools > Settings > Call > Send MyCaller ID > 'Yes', 'No' or 'Set By Network' to follow the default settings of your home network.
If you often copy large files to your MultiMedia Card, I recommend a card reader.E.g. With a card reader it takes only 12 seconds to copy a 10 MB file!
Record the sound of a phone call using the (sound) Recorder.Menu > Extra's > Recorder > Options > Record sound clip.Note: short beeps are audible during call registration.But there is a 60 second limitation so if you want unlimited sound recording get this app: Extended Recorder.

While writing text, press "#" to switch between upper and lower case and Dictonary on/off (predictive text input).Press and hold "#" to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode.

Keyboard shortcuts for zooming and rotating images in Images:1 = zoom in, 0 = zoom out, press and hold to return to the normal view.2 = rotate anticlockwise, 9 = rotate clockwise, * = full screen.

In standby mode, press and hold the right soft key to activate voice dialling.To add a voice tag to a phone number, open a contact card and scroll to the phone number and select:Options > Add voice tag.

You can customize both soft keys located below the screen (in standby mode):Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Left/Right selection key > "select an application".

In standby mode. press scroll key center (joystick) to go directly to Contacts.
In standby mode, press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page.
In Menu or any subfolder, press numbers 1 - 9 to start the application at that location.123456789

In standby mode,45# + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45.50# + dials slot 50 and so on.

If you have your keylock activated just press the on/off button to turn on your backlightto look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.
Never, ever, in your whole life, install WildSkinz on your Nokia 3650!!! WildSkinz screws upthe whole 3650 system. It was never intended to work on the 3650, only on the 7650.

Why assigning Video Recorder in the right or left soft key does not work?

(Sound Recorder is launched instead of Video Recorder)It's a bug with firmware version 2.50.
How to check your firmware version:

A "Firmware" is the phone's operating system stored in internal Flash memory of the device (disk Z.Manufacturers release new firmware versions containing bug fixes, improvements and - sometimes - offering new functions.Firmware upgrade can only be made in authorized Nokia service centre (point).To check your current firmware version simply type *#0000# on main Phone screen.
How to check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)?

Type *#06# on main Phone screen.

Start up in Safe Mode so no 'auto start' apps will be running:

To make sure that no memory-resident programs start when you reboot your phone,hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on untill you have to enter your PIN code.(When you have trouble booting up the phone with the MMC in it because it got corrupted for some reason, this trick willalmost always let you boot up the phone so you can remove the latest installed app which might have caused theproblem or if your phone is "unrepairable" you can still back up your important data before you do a format.)
Q: How to totally format your Nokia 3650 and remove all installed applications, user files and restore allsettings to default like it's new out of the box? (OEM apps won't be deleted like Camera and RealOne Player).

A: First Format your MMC: Menu > Extras > Memory > Options > Format mem. card > Yes.Note: It is very important to format your MMC before you format your phone!Then format your phone by typing *#7370# on main Phone screen.Phone will ask: "Restore all original phone settings? Phone will restart." Press 'Yes' and enter your Lock code (default is 12345).Tip: Formatting takes several minutes so you'd better connect your Nokia 3650to a charger to ensure that your battery doesn't get empty in the middle of formatting.Note: All your created acces points and mailboxes will be lost so take a note of them. And all application settings will be reset.E.g. In Camera, image quality is set back to normal and memory in use is set back to phone memory. And also in Messages,memory in use is set back to phone memory, etc. Also backup your contacts with PC Suite or a program like Contacts Manager.

To reset your wallet, should you forget your code,
Type in:*#7370925538#
this will reset the wallet code, the wallet contents will be deleted.

How to free more RAM on your phone

>>> Method 1: Flight mode:
Put your phone in "Flight mode" with Psiloc System Tools. Install System Tools, open it and select "Flight mode". This way you can restart the phone without your SIM card so there will be no running phone tasks in the background. Now you can have up to 3,5 MB of free RAM!
Note: ironically enough, Flight mode doesn't work when Smart Launcher is installed, at least in my case. But i've also heard several reports of people who have both apps running without any problems.

>>> Method 2: Smart Launcher trick:
Install Smart Launcher and open it. Go to Options, Settings and put Launcher ON.Now plug in your charger and switch off your phone. Wait untill the battery meter appears and short press the Menu button (don't hold).The menu should appear and now you can have 3,5 to 4,5 MB free RAM! (Hold Menu button to check RAM).
The trick is that with the charger plugged in, the phone must get a minimum software support for charging, even whenthe phone is switched off. And somehow Smart Launcher has still got it's shortcut running and that's the Menu button. So whenyou press the Menu button, you go directly to the Menu without any other phone tasks running in the background soyou trick the phone and you have more free RAM!Note: when you unplug the charger, the phone will switch off.

>>> Method 3: Menu :
This method I found it by myself, it frees a little about 100~200 KB but I guess it's useful sometime
Close your menu not by selecting the right selection key "exit", or pressing the menu key another time, they only hide the menu app but do not close it, to close it select the left selection key "option" and scroll down and select "exit"
So when you open an app needs more ram reopen menu and close it, it's useful when play low bit rate video in realplayer paradis.

SmartCam let you turn a Symbian Series 60 phone with bluetooth and camera into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC.

Just install the program in Windows XP or Vista and install the client to your smartphone (be sure to follow the readme in the \win\installer directory). When it's all set up, your SmartCam works with Yahoo Messenger and most other video chat services, meaning that if your computer doesn't have a webcam but you've got Bluetooth and a Symbian smartphone, you're in luck. SmartCam is a free download, Windows only.
Hi, I am using this phone for 3 years now. Purchaced at Rs 9000/- then. I never find HANGING problem mentioned by many.
Reception is good. Sound calrity is superb. Its little on heavier side which i like, as it reminds me if i happen to walk out of house without mobile in my pocket.
camera:- Both image and videos are very stunning when outdoors. Inside home though need proper light settings. (2 MP camera gives more than expected clarity - compared to other mobiles). Video sound is very crisp (clear). Have good flash, can take good snaps within 2-4 feet distance, using flash, in complete dark. So this is perfect for peoples wanting a mobile with clear sound and stunning camera output.
Cons:- The irriating thing in this phone is, it do not have key backlit. So its difficult to receive phonecalls at nights, forget if you want type SMS at nights. The keys are flat at same plane(not distinctive boudaries with curves), so difficult to guess and press keys (like in other nokia phones) ... so this phone may not make for SMS loving collage going students.
Got problem in display (went blank/flicker) when my daughter banged it on floor. luckily it was in warranty that time, got it replaced free. No problem. working fine!
The spring in rear camera slid broken, so need to open back cover for camera use. Tried to change cover from general mobile shops, but they never fitted well. They advised to go to NOKIA shop and buy original in 1000+. I tried that too .. its no more available.
Yet, i am going to use this mobile untill reception/camera goes bad.


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