The Benefits of Unlocking Samsung Phone

  1. Ability to switch network providers
If you are tethered to one network provider right now, while another is offering you cheaper rates to switch over, you may want to unlock Samsung so that you don’t need to buy a new phone from the new network provider. This means that if you’re consistently traveling around the US and you never know what in area of network coverage you’ll end up next, you have the ability to switch over to whatever network provides the best coverage for such area. Also, by unlocking Samsung device, you are now able to seek out and obtain the best network deals without ever having to switch phones and sometimes even phone numbers multiple times.
  1. Ability to travel without incurring roaming charges
If you are one who travels overseas quite often, then unlocking your phone can only benefit you. If you keep your Samsung Phone locked, that you are likely to incur whatever roaming charges your current cell phone network provider charges for overseas traveling. Now, with your unlocked Samsung Phone, you have the ease and ability to switch networks when your overseas, saving you bunches of money on roaming charges, and allowing you to get the best service and best deal in whatever country your traveling to.
  1. Ability to keep your work phone and personal phone all in one
If you currently have a separate phone for work and for personal use, having an unlocked phone will give you the ability to keep your work and personal phone all on one device. With a special adapter for your Samsung phone, or with a dual SIM card slot, you can easily keep all of your business on one phone, even managing to keep your separate phone numbers. This means less stuff to weigh down your pockets or your purse!
  1. Ability to add resale value to your device
If you decide to resell your unlocked Samsung Phone, you have now opened up the market to more potential buyers, and you may even be able to sell your phone for more money. Since your phone can now work on anyone’s network, and only requires switching out SIM cards, more people will be willing to buy your phone than before! Also, since you’re opening up the potential selling market on your Samsung device, you can up the price of how much your selling it for, since an unlocked phone is worth more than a locked one!

How to Unlock Samsung Phone

1. Submit your Phone IMEI number (15 – 17 digits number). To get this number, dial *#06# on your phone or check the sticker underneath the battery of your handset
2. Place the order to unlock your specific Samsung phone
3. Receive Samsung Unlock Code and simple to follow instructions from us by Email
4. Input a non-accepted SIM Card and power on the Phone
5. Unlock Samsung with the Unlock code that was emailed to you
6. Your Samsung phone is Unlocked

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